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SWRHE 4th “Embrace Spring” Campus Hiking Activity
Time: 2019-03-15 09:30:00    From:

On 2019 March 14th, more than 170 staff and assistant students of our school participated in the fourth  “Embrace Spring” Campus Hiking Activity, an annual event of our school that seeks to boost morale and increase cohesion.


At the opening ceremony, Zhang Shengjin, Vice President of the Labor Union of the School, introduced the hiking route and rules. With Gong Wende, Chairman of the Labor Union, announcing the start of the activity, everybody started walking or running in a tremendous spirit, which formed a beautiful scenery.


Flagged off and ended at our school yard, this activity features a route with three sites, the Humanities Museum, Huanshan South Road and Songqing Stadium, encircling Luojia Mountain. Volunteers guide and stamp the three sites. Teachers and staff who complete the whole race and gather three stamps can receive surprise prizes.


Along the way, many participants formed groups of two, three or more, talking and laughing, some walking in the forefront of the team as a guide for the rest, some enthusiastically giving directions to campus visitors, some taking photos of others, sweating and glowing, one after another to the end of the journey.


At four o'clock in the afternoon, almost all participants successfully crossed the finish line. Although dripping with sweat, everyone was full of spirit and vigor. Cheng Lianzhen, Chairman of School Administration, and Huang Jiesheng, Dean of School, congratulated on the completion and awarded trophies to the top three winners of the race of both genders.


The initiative of the activity is to call for stronger cohesion, at the same time, promote a healthy lifestyle among all SWRHE people.